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International Meeting

Fundamental Research in Pediatric Cancer

16 – 18 June, 2021

Virtual Meeting l Simultaneous French/English translation

Childhood cancer is a rare disease which represents about 1% of all cancers in developed countries. 

Each year in France, around 2,200 children and adolescents are newly diagnosed with cancer. Even if the 5-year survival rate, often synonymous with recovery, now exceeds 80%, these cancers remain the leading cause of death through disease for children over 1 year of age; two thirds of those who survived suffer or will suffer of sequelae caused by treatments, or even second cancers likely to appear throughout their life.

It is through fundamental research that we can continue advancing knowledge in causes and origins of these cancers and identifying new therapeutic paths, in order to optimize treatments while preserving a better quality of life for children and adults cured of childhood cancer.

This International Meeting aims at engaging patients, care organizations, scientists and stakeholders involved in pediatric cancer in a dialogue on the future of Fundamental Research and addressing the questions that remain unanswered.

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